Alberta Log Home Design & Construction

Mario Demny - Log Home Master Craftsman
Mario Demny - Log Home Master Craftsman

Custom Log Homes & Cabin Builder

Using Alberta’s finest, harvested logs, Mario Demny creates custom, handcrafted log and timber homes and cabins. Mario’s log work designs last for generations. Traditional and modern building techniques are used when building these durable, energy efficient, healthy log homes.

Certified Log Craftsman

Mario Demny, is a Master German Craftsman who is a Certified Journeyman Carpenter. Mario has international knowledge and skills that were gained building Custom Log Homes in Canada, Germany and Norway.

Energy Efficient Log Home Designs

Mario’s log home designs are built using mortise and tenon joinery and are built to last. These custom made log homes use an over scribed double cut lateral groove system with an inserted P-gasket, which is proven to be air tight but allowing the logs to breath. Oversize logs are also used to provide strong insulation value.

Custom Log and Timber Designs

Mario Demny is passionate about log home designs, taking great pride in his log work crafting services.

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