Meet Mario Demny - Master Craftsman

Custom Log and Timber Designs

Mario’s Log Work Ltd is owned and operated by Mario Demny. Mario is a Certified German Carpenter who specializes in Timber and Log Framing. Mario obtained his certification in 1994 in Germany and has traveled throughout Europe and Canada performing a variety of carpentry services.

  • In 2001, Mario went to Norway to take a log building program and as a result of learning traditional log building techniques using hand tools, he started working in the log and timber work industry.
  • In 2004, Mario had the opportunity to work in Canada and for five years, Mario worked with various Log Home Builders building custom log homes.
  • In 2011, Mario became a member of the International Log Builders’ Association. As a result of this membership, Mario decided to form his company, Mario’s Log Work Ltd and venture off on his own. Continuing to work in the log industry, Mario also branched his business into building custom log furniture for his customers.
Mario Demny at work
Mario is passionate about log home designs, taking great pride in his log work services.

Recent Log & Timberwork Projects

Handcrafted Rustic Log Homes & Furniture

Mario handcrafts his custom log homes, structures and furniture from start to finish using traditional techniques that Mario learned as a young man in Germany. Designs are hand crafted from a variety of Alberta trees, however Mario prefers designing his unique, one-of-a-kind designs using tamarack, pine, diamond willow and aspen.

Mario is passionate about his craft and is often found hunting through his acreage located near Stony Plain, Alberta, for unique trees and branches that he can use in his designs. He is a master timber cutter and has felled many huge trees safely and efficiently.

Designed by Nature
Built to Last

Mario is very artistic and works with wood pieces with the eyes of a true artist.

“The wood determines the design, it speaks to me as I create my custom log designs. I never build the same item, which is what I love about my craft, I may build the same type of bed for example, but based on the wood I choose and the branches I use, each bed is unique and can never be replicated.

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