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Custom Handcrafted Log & Timber Designs

Log Cabins & Homes, Stairs, Railings, Gazebos, Log Furniture

Certified Log and Timber Carpenter

Mario's Log Work is an owner-operated business located in Alberta, Canada. Owner, Mario Demny, is a Master German Craftsman who is a certified journeyman carpenter. With over 20 years of experience in the log and timber industry, Mario has international knowledge and skills that were gained building Custom Log Homes for customers residing in Canada, Germany and Norway.

The determining factors for Mario's Log Work are design, quality, long-term sustainabilty an customer satifaction. Mario's Log Work's team creates some of the healthiest, green living spaces in the world, that are energy efficient by using trees and earth friendly products.

Mario Demny

Custom Handcrafted Log Homes & Cabins

Using Alberta's finest, harvested logs, Mario's creates custom, handcrafted log and timber work, specializing in building log homes and cabins. Additionally, Mario offers renovations on existing Log homes/buildings.

Custom Log Work Designs

For several years, Mario has also been designing custom made log gazebos, stairs, railings, beds, benches, picnic tables. Mario is passionate about his craft, taking great pride in crafting unique rustic keepsakes for his customers offering:

  • Meticulous workmanship

  • Highest quality rustic log furniture

  • Customization to fit customer's needs

  • Sustainable sourcing and respect for the environment

  • Responsive and friendly customer service.


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Designed by Nature - Built to Last

Log Cabins & Homes, Stairs, Railings

Marios Log Work Designs

Mario's Log Work's staff believe in the natural beauty that a handcrafted log home can offer. Since we use traditional and modern building techniques, our custom log work designs last for generations. Mario's Log Work log designs are built using mortise and tenon joinery and are built to last for generations. Mario's unique designs are "One of a kind Treasures" that wood lovers will truly enjoy.

Healthy Log Homes That Breathe LIFE

Log Homes have been built for centuries. Today, we know they are the healthiest homes to live in. Log homes are built to LIVE. The logs breathe, filter air, modulate sound and stabilize temperature. Log homes are soul healing because they give you a warm, cozy feeling, the logs inviting you to touch.

Marios Custom Log Work Designs

Ten Thousand Years of Life Energy

Being outdoors in nature has a stress reducing impact on humans. As well, recent studies have focused on how wood in buildings, has the same stress reducing effects on health. Constructed from pieces of over one hundred trees, each approximately one hundred years old, the average log home contains over ten thousand years of life energy.

We use Renewable ResourcesRenewable Resources

Canada stands as a global leader in sustainable forest management. If you decided to build a log home, you have chosen a sustainable building product and a truly renewable building material.

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

We use an over scribed double cut lateral groove system  with an inserted P-gasket that is proved to be air tight but also allowing the logs to breath. The oversize logs are not only eye catching but they are also meet great insulation value.

Log Homes are among the most energy efficient buildings made today.

Did you know that our Log building systems are 70% more green than any other conventional building system?

This is because Log Homes are more energy efficient and last sustainably longer than conventional homes. Also a log construction process uses 4 times less fossil fuels in manufacturing than a conventionally framed home.

What Makes Mario's Log Work Ltd Different?

Custom Handcrafted Log & Timber Designs

  • Our projects are unique and original, because we carefully select our pieces to make them fit to function. Every single piece is one of a kind.

  • We use Alberta local wood which reduces transportation costs.

  • Mario's Log Work promotes environmentally safe stain products that allow logs to breathe, creating a healthtier envrionment.

  • 20 years of experience in the log and timber industry with international knowledge and skills.

Click on this link to see samples of log work products that have been designed.